After 8 weeks Alsu broke the silence

Спустя 8 недель Алсу нарушила молчание

The singer disappeared from the networks after the birth of her third son. But still he returned.

Two months ago the actress gave her husband – a businessman Yan Abramov son. The baby, whom the happy parents named Rafael, was born in one of the best clinics of Israel. Here are no details from the star mom was not followed. Moreover, the singer at the time, went missing from Instagtam. And returned to fans only today!

“Welcome to a little sleepy, a little tired, a little missing Alsu. So literally flew by these past few weeks out of social networks. As one day! And what I want to say. First, I’m incredibly pleased that I waited and missed me, Thanks for all the warm words you wrote to me. Sorry I ignored you at this time. Second, I didn’t go anywhere and was just being a MOM at 100, which, incidentally, warned. Nuuuuu, and third… you Know, sometimes is very good to take a little vacation from social networking. Don’t be scared,” wrote the singer.

And, judging by the happy smile of the artist, and with her, and the baby is fine.

Recall the last time Alsu held in Israel. In one maternity hospital tel Aviv for the singer was allocated a two-bedroom VIP Suite. In addition, the star was assigned a personal nurse who could, if necessary, have a massage or spend the yoga class.

The power of the singer also watched a highly skilled professional. Diet involves a five-single food intake. The menu was carefully considered, including taking into account personal preferences, the star patient.