Afrikantov went abroad after high-profile breakups

Африкантова уехала за границу после громкого расставания
A month ago fans of the famous electroni “Dom-2” was shocked by the news about the breakup of the brightest members of Marina Afrikantova and Andrey Chueva.

Африкантова уехала за границу после громкого расставания

At the last moment, Marina refused to leave the project, Andrew left the show alone.

Recently Afrikantov flew to the Seychelles in order to start life anew and to have a rest from problems.

“You were waiting for us in the “night sitting,” but it took us all time to pack the Marina in the Seychelles. Marina all of you says hi, and next Saturday, we will be able to see it on TV. The mood she’s good, about their past relationships, she says, as if it was not in her life tyrant-master. To be free and a lot better. We wish her a soft landing and to inform as soon as there on the Islands, people live,” said the girl’s mother.

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