Африкантова поведала, насколько ей было тяжело с Чуевым
Last week of the TV project “Dom-2” left Andrey Chuev.

Африкантова поведала, насколько ей было тяжело с Чуевым

Originally Chuev wanted to leave a popular project together with his girlfriend Marina Afrikantov, but at the last moment the girl changed her mind and decided to stay on telestroke.

Andrew took seriously this turn of events and even wanted to commit suicide, but eventually was able to accept the reality and think again.

Now the Marina decided to tell that Andrew is very hard to live with, quite often, a situation came to tyranny. The man demanded that everything was done as he says. According to Marina, she didn’t feel happy.

“I often asked myself if I’m happy with Andrew or not. And it turned out that I only happy when Andrei is in a good mood when I agree with everything – when he says something I’m doing, where he went and I when I do not contradict him. He’s in a good mood and everything is fine. But if something is wrong, I Express my opinion or offer advise, God forbid, to make a comment, my life turns into hell” – shared Afrikantov.

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