Afrikantov and Chuev fled to Dubai after the cancellation of the wedding

Африкантова и Чуев сбежали в Дубай после отмены свадьбы The lovers flew to the United Arab Emirates. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev intend to spend two weeks in Dubai. Not so long ago the couple moved the ceremony, which was held on 22 October.

      Fans of some of the most prominent participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Marina Afrikantova and Andrey Chueva with high interest over the relationship of the couple. Not long ago, after a major quarrel, the lovers were broken up, but this is a short cessation of communication have fuelled the fire of passion between them. After that, Marina and Andrew realized that they were made for each other.

      Now, my beloved decided to go on a trip. For two weeks they will stay in Dubai. Lovers plan to have a great time and to celebrate the birthday of Afrikantova. The star of “House-2” has even appealed for help to his fans, so they told her to pick a place for a holiday.

      “Friends, from 10 to 25 October Andrei will be in Dubai! Your suggestions how to spend time usefully write to direct. October 14, my birthday! Note together,” suggested the girl.

      Fans immediately responded to the call of the Marina. Fans wished the couple a great time in the United Arab Emirates and enjoy your holiday.

      “Have a good trip! And have a good rest,” “Marina, how beautiful! A pleasant stay”, “Congratulations! Have a good holiday! Lucky you, you will celebrate your birthday in a warm and very-very beautiful place”, – was glad for Afrikantova her dedicated fans.

      However, the fact that Marina and Andrew still decided to postpone the wedding a few upset fans who were hoping soon to see a magnificent celebration of the stars “House-2”. Now the lovers are not informed when they decide to go down the aisle. However Afrikantov no doubt that he is her destiny. Marina Afrikantov: “Chuev swears he didn’t cheat”

      “Look and think what he done! I zodiac sign is Libra. I need much more time to make a decision. You can go to the store and choose between two shirts two hours. Now I try to follow the example of Andrew. And if in doubt, turn to him. I also like the fact that he had all laid out on shelves, even a book with a plan of action,” said Marina in an interview with “StarHit”.