Affleck poorer and can’t pay alimony to his wife

Аффлек обеднел и не может платить алименты жене
The actor was suspected of harboring income.

Аффлек обеднел и не может платить алименты жене

Casey Affleck


42-year-old Casey Affleck, the younger brother of a much more famous actor Ben, was not more successful in
the construction of the family. This summer he announced that he was divorcing his wife summer Phoenix, with which
I lived for nearly 11 years, raising two sons: Indiana
now 13 years old, and Atticus — 6.

In September, the couple completed the divorce
process and it was announced that Casey managed to achieve joint custody of
children, however, the court ordered him to pay spousal alimony, and to pay
money on the education of children. However, Casey appealed the decision on the grounds that he allegedly
not enough wealthy to support his ex-wife. And submitted evidence that he currently earns only $ 400 thousand per year, which is clearly actually clearly not enough for a fairly famous actor, besides, the owner “Oscar”. The judge was surprised
however, to refute the information Affleck information, nobody could. In
eventually it was decided that Casey’s going to pay 4 thousand dollars a month for
two sons and ex-wife will not pay at all.

Meanwhile, information about poverty
Africa puzzled his fans. Indeed, in the beginning of this year was released
the size of the state of many famous actors. And according to these received
publicized enough information, on account of Casey has approximately 10
of millions of dollars. In the end, many suspect that Affleck is cheating and exaggerating its “poor” — only
in order to avoid paying his wife.

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