Advantages of Studio furniture: the versatility and individuality

Плюсы продукции студии мебели: универсальность и индивидуальность

Reference high quality and modern design, characterized by a full range of furniture Studio avant-garde, which has its own online store. Products are available in different forms and styles.

This soft furniture is a variety of colors. This page presents almost all styles — from minimalist to classic. In addition, the Studio produces models to order.

Плюсы продукции студии мебели: универсальность и индивидуальность

Opportunities Studio furniture

A website with easy navigation helps you quickly find certain sections dealing exclusively with cloakrooms, kitchens or hallways. The manufacturer has the technical equipment and the technological capability, qualified personnel, to offer disparate subjects and the headset is fully, furniture on sketches and dimensions provided by the customer. This allows you to purchase a quality product. — in this chain there is no place for intermediaries who would cheat his interest.

In addition to the use of innovative technologies and advanced equipment, the production is based on the use of high quality materials, are in all respects conform to European standards and safety requirements. Masters are made not just an interior — they really put their hearts into every detail and detail to customer satisfaction. So it turns masterpieces, which is not the application — they did ask somewhere as a fashionable exhibition of the instance. They decorate homes and offices, become objects of pride and to illustrate the standard of living and prestige.

Besides all furniture of Avangard fully complies with the strict requirements of environmental friendliness and safety. While in the Studio you can always find models that are designed for people of different incomes. Great demand for low cost options. Popular interior premium. For all clients, has a very nice system of discounts.

Rules of arrangement walk-in closet

Almost forgotten the days of shortages and a typical apartment, the same furniture sets. Studio avant-garde is ready to offer the situation in any non-standard cloakroom. Her other rooms in a new building properly set up read here

Before you start making sketches and decide whether it’s in a separate room or utility room, paired with sleeping. You need to carefully calculate its area, to consider the possibility of ventilation, choose the design and materials. The location of the individual elements should be connected in a single composition and have the ergonomic. This will help manage things, and then easily find them. Determine locations for outerwear, casual, accessories, shoes, underwear. In this case, is to connect the rationalism — it will help even in a small room to place all convenient and accessible, combining a number of different things, previously freed from the ballast of clothes longer wear.

This complex will consist of:
• cabinets, drawers;
• racks’;
• shelves’.

Designers recommend is safe to use the corner space portion to hide behind a partition or screen, if you are not able to carve out a separate space for these purposes. Door wardrobes can be sliding to save space or hinged if space allows. After it is important to determine the materials and fittings.