Взрослый сын Сергея Шнурова пошел по стопам отца
18-year-old Apollo is an unusual artist.

Взрослый сын Сергея Шнурова пошел по стопам отца

Photo: Instagram

Son of Sergey Shnurov this year 18 years old, but he has already managed to declare itself. Apollo found himself in a unique form of art — he creates paintings on the tablet.

“I create paintings on a graphics tablet using plugins these oil smears. Then print out on canvas in a single copy. Thus, there remains a kind oil painting, and the uniqueness of the paintings. All made electronic digital way, which is usually associated with commercialized and depersonalized figures. The idea that I Express through his works is that physical art is less unique instruments impact on the viewer, and soon all of them can be synthesized in the figure, despite the fact that most people still have difficulty accepting digital image as art,” said his son.

Photo: Poster of the exhibition

Next week in St. Petersburg opened the first exhibition of the young artist. In the gallery “Pig’s snout” you can see all of his unique “canvas”. The Apollo has created during his studies in Spain. By the way, in April of this year, the youngster participated in an art exhibition in the festival of music and arts in Barcelona, and there the connoisseurs appreciated his work.

Sergei Shnurov, who, as we know, deals not only with music, but also paints, said that insanely proud of the work of the son and himself.

“Reading the news, we see: “the Son of Sergei Shnurov will open the exhibition “the Pig snout” July 24, — wrote the leader of group “Leningrad” in a personal blog. — 18-year-old son of the leader of group “Leningrad” July 24, will open a solo exhibition in the gallery “Pig’s snout”. A series of canvases that Apollo Shnurov has created over the past year, while training in Spain, called “Untitled.jpg”. We are proud!”