Adult son Igor Vernik, spun his first novel

Взрослый сын Игоря Верника закрутил свой первый роман
18-year-old Gregory is a lot like his father.

Igor Vernik, Mariya Nicea

The son of Igor Vernik, the 18 — year-old Gregory became an adult.
He is now finishing her first year of school-Studio of MKHAT. He looks just like his star father in both appearance and character. Now
it became known about one more family resemblance to the young actor, as well as
Igor, easily able to win the attention of any girl.

The other day Gregory
published in the personal microblog delicate photo where he is depicted together with
classmate Mary. In the picture wernick Jr. hugs his companion and gently
looks at her. “It may seem that I look at Masha, but
actually everything is much simpler. Hair-then, of course, green…” — jokingly
signed publication of Gregory. Subscribers praised as the photograph itself, and
sense of humor young man.

54-year-old actor doted talented son and strongly supports it,
the more that Gregory as a very independent young man
still not fully “fledged”. He lives with his father, which, of course, very
it is convenient to do homework assignments that ask the student at the University
stage partner is always there. “We have men such sotovarischestvo. Once I
dragged home late at night and the first thing my son said, “Dad, we are now
doing the study. Two people on the train one important to sleep, and the other comes
begins to eat the chicken and so on. And how here it?” And we had an hour dream,
joking, joking, laughing,” said the artist.