Adult daughter of Igor Nikolaev gave the father serious cause for pride

Взрослая дочка Игоря Николаева дала отцу серьезный повод для гордости
Julia received a new status.

Взрослая дочка Игоря Николаева дала отцу серьезный повод для гордости

Julia Nikolaeva

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

Igor Nikolaev with his daughter Julia

Photo: @julianikolaevaofficial Instagram Yulia Nikolaeva

Relations Igor Nikolaev with an adult daughter from his first marriage have an incredible understanding. Despite the fact that Julia has long been grown (this year it will be 39 years old), she still remained with the Pope close, trusting relationship. Today, the musician told his fans about how much proud heiress. As it became known, the other day Julia was a graduate of a prestigious American University.

“I am proud of! The hardest exam, and my daughter finally graduated from Nova Southeastern University! Daughter, you did good, it was not easy, but you managed! All will be well!” — said Nikolaev. Previously Julia was busy writing songs, but now she became a certified medical professional. And already have the position of a pharmacist in a hospital in Miami. Music lessons it is not going to quit, but now it will be her hobby.

By a happy coincidence, Igor was able to support Yulia in person. Recently, he flew to Miami, where busy recording new songs. The daughter of musician frankly admits that the Pope is the most important place in her life. “The years fly by… And more beloved person than the natural father is not and can not be!” she says.

Incidentally, the eldest daughter of a musician and his current wife Julia Proskuryakova has developed a very good relationship. Coincidentally, the girls are very similar, both externally and characters.