Adriano Celentano recorded a new album

Адриано Челентано записывает новый альбом

A charming and very talented Italian Adriano Celentano for years not made itself felt. In 2012, after a long break, the actor and musician performed at the festival of Sanremo, the leading of which was then performed by Gianni Morandi. In the same year Celentano gave a concert under the open sky in Verona, which formed the basis of his latest CD “Adriano Live”.

Today we are reporting terrific for fans of Adriano’s news – he is back with a new album, which will be unveiled in December this year.


About the album known to very few: his record Celentano produces together with the Italian singer Mina, will be the Studio recording of 18 songs. While not noted, whether it is new songs or a long time recorded but unreleased songs.

Note, Adriano Celentano is one of the most successful and influential artists in the history of Italian music — throughout his career he has released forty-one Studio album with a total circulation of 150 million copies, and has also starred in over forty films.

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