Adriano Celentano afraid that it will kill

Адриано Челентано боится, что его убьют Movie star and music said about the spying and harassment by a group of unknown persons. In this regard, Adriano Celentano seriously worried for his life. Recently, a man went to the police. Police have confirmed the fears of celebrities.

      Адриано Челентано боится, что его убьют

      79-year-old Adriano Celentano live in a luxurious mansion, located in the municipality of Galbiate in the North of Italy. Recently, movie star and music seriously worried their fans with the unexpected news. According to celebrity, a group of unidentified persons gave him followed, and even penetrated into his house. The artist reported that a series of strange events began when the mysterious attackers broke the glass in the car his wife Claudia Mori. Much to the surprise of Celentano, the criminals were not stealing anything.

      “I have to disclose very serious events that occur in my home against me and Claudia. For several days inside six of them penetrate the unknown, in addition, from the street behind the house, watching another man,” said the man in his blog.
      Адриано Челентано боится, что его убьют

      In connection with the recent events Adriano Celentano seriously feared for himself and his family. According to the artist, the mysterious strangers “are a threat”. Therefore, Celentano decided to contact the police and give them the CCTV footage. The carabinieri confirmed the fears of men. In their opinion, something really happened.

      “We inform to you if they are serious, this information could be historical,” said the man.

      Recall that Adriano is a popular singer and actor with a world name. In January of this year, movie star and music celebrated the 79th birthday. In my entire career, Celentano has released more than 40 albums with a total circulation of 150 million copies. In addition, the actor starred in 40 movies. Among the most famous works Adriano includes roles in such films as “the taming of the shrew”, “Bluff”, “lovestruck”, “ACE” and “Velvet hands”. Adriano himself with humor about his success. “When I see myself on an old black and white movies, I think, “Damn, I was beautiful. And I haven’t noticed before?” – he recognized the man in an interview.

      In 1963, the screens out the film “a strange type”, where the man played along with Claudia Mori. On set the actors have an affair. A year after the premiere entertainers were secretly married in St. Francis Church. The couple has three children together – daughter of Rosita and Rosalind, and son Giacomo. 14 Jul 2014 Celentano Mori and celebrated their Golden wedding.