Adriana Lima with her friends at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Адриана Лима с подругами на карнавале в Рио-де-Жанейро

This year at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro arrived native Brazilian adriana Lima in the company of his friends. Girls dance floor and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Адриана Лима с подругами на карнавале в Рио-де-Жанейро

“The Brazilian bomb dragged me to the carnival, can’t wait for tonight,” — published model Jasmine tookes in Instagram.

Adriana with friends was spotted on the 700-meter alley, which is called the “Sambadrome”, during the procession of Samba dancers. This element of carnival — not just a show, but a real competition, involving 12 different Samba schools. Presentation each group has its own script and theme that is aged in everything from the colors of the costumes to the cars involved in the procession.

The carnival takes place every year and the event visit different stars. in 2012, the podium was spotted singer Jennifer Lopez with boyfriend Casper Smart in 2013 to see the parade and came to the football club “Barcelona” Neymar with his friends, and in 2015 — tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Адриана Лима с подругами на карнавале в Рио-де-Жанейро
The carnival was a substantial cause in order to wear the Frank costume bikini. Adriana Lima involved in the show-shows the Victoria’s Secrets decided to reconsider their views on life and not to undress without significant reason. On Saturday, the model wrote the message in the social network where he said he would be more selective in the work that chooses.

“They called me and offered to star in a sex tape, which is then supostat and will advertise in the social network. Despite the fact that I have starred in many such videos, something has changed in me,” began touching message adriana Lima.

My friend decided to tell me that he is not happy with their body and it got me thinking…every day in my life, I Wake up thinking, how do I look? Will I be accepted to work? And at that moment I realized that the majority of women waking up every morning and trying to fit into society/social media/fashion and so on.”continued lim.

“I realized that this is not the way of life and even more, physically and emotionally heals not us, so I decided to change…I won’t take their clothes off without a significant reason.”I wrote 36-year-old model, who walks the catwalk in lingerie.

“If you let me, I want to support you. I want you to know that I’m here, because we’ve known each other a long time, and I want to help, if you’ll allow me to make you feel better.”Hadrian writes in a subsequent post on instagram.

“I’m tired of those stereotypes that fall on the shoulders of women, because they prevent us from living in the world with superficial notions. It’s just not fair,” continues Lima. “It will not improve health, both physical and mental.»

“I want to change it, in the name of my grandmother and all her ancestors who were driven into the frame, was under pressure and not understood,” continues Lima in the same message. “I am with you. And I’ll stand for you. Let’s change the world. For my children, I am with you.»