Адриана Лима рассталась с бойфрендом и улетела в Грецию

Successful supermodel adriana Lima finishes just what he wants in his profession, but in personal life she such results can not boast.

Not so long ago was the marriage of the models with her ex-husband Marco Erichem. Solace “angel” Victoria’s Secret found in the arms of her bodyguard Joe Thomas. Roman pair lasted a few months, but today it became known that he had come to an end.

Адриана Лима рассталась с бойфрендом и улетела в Грецию

About the disorder of relations between Lima and Thomas told friends of the model, which also noted that “in recent years, they have had some problems.

By the way, to say that adriana is concerned about the breakup with Joe impossible. The supermodel has a rest in Greece with a 6-year-old daughter Valentina and friends. Looks like Lima is always spotless and fun.

Note that the secret beauty Adriana is not only a good genes. Lima diet, which is based on just proper nutrition: “I try to eat balanced. The secret is to monitor the size of the portions. Food — source of energy, so it is very important”.

In combination with proper nutrition sports give excellent results: “I am engaged in fitness. Too zealous is not necessary, but I’m extremely active so my body can withstand an intense workout.In addition, I have two children that help me stay fit: I run around the house! You want advice? I have a jump rope in the house and every time is time I jump in ten minutes. You don’t need to exhaust yourself for hours — ten minutes is enough,” says Lima.

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