Приемный сын Вуди Аллена встал на защиту отца

Adopted son of woody Allen Moses Farrow stood up for his father, who was accused of sexual harassment. On his website, Moses wrote an open letter in which he accused MIA Farrow in emotional and physical violence in the treatment of children. It affected his sister Dylan Farrow, who accused his father of sexual harassment. Moses confirmed that the sister lied at the instruction of the mother.

Приемный сын Вуди Аллена встал на защиту отца

Moses “can no longer remain silent, as Allen continue to condemn for a crime he didn’t commit.” He claims that the words of Dylan Farrow are lies! “The story Dylan was quite convincing. But there is one problem: the attic was not electric trains. And besides, we have not had the opportunity to play there, even if we wanted to. The attic was not completed, everywhere protruding nails and were placed mousetraps,” he writes.

According to him, the mother of MIA Farrow insisted that Dylan has accused Allen of harassment. Moses also accused the mother of abuse of children. “She always told us that woody is a monster and devil. For my mother it was very important to present to the world the picture of a happy family, but in fact it was not so,” he recalls.

Moses in an open letter hints at the guilt of the mother for the death of his sister and brother, who could not stand it and committed suicide. “Most of the media say that my sister Tam died of heart failure at the age of 21 years, but for years she struggled with severe depression. And my mother did not help her to cope with it and just say Tam’s just very Moody,” says Farrow.

“For all our life with our mother under the same roof would not have been possible if we hadn’t did what she said, no matter how reasonable were her requirements. I’m glad I was able to tell the whole truth, but upset that it took me so much time.”

“My father continues to face a false and unjust accusations. But I believe in the power of public expression. I wish you well and hope you are wise enough to understand that helping mother to destroy the reputation of his father, you’re being very bad,” he concluded.

“It all happened in a small attic in a country house with my mom in Connecticut,” said adopted daughter of the famous Director.

“He told me to lay on my stomach and play with a toy train of my brother. While I was playing, I was sexually abused. He touched fingers to my labia and my vagina.” says Dylan.

Dylan wondered why the public believes more in what she “brainwashed” mom, not in what she says. “My mom just supported me and asked to tell the truth. She never tried to come up with answers for me,” she says.