Приемный сын погибшей Елизаветы Глинки: «Она одарила меня любовью» Ilya Shvets shared memories of a loved one. Elizaveta Glinka took the resident of Saratov in the family after her mother died in a result of cancer. Ilya treated as a human rights activist to his mother and admired her spiritual qualities.
Приемный сын погибшей Елизаветы Глинки: «Она одарила меня любовью»

25 December 2016, the aircraft of the Ministry of defense fell into the Black sea. On Board were 92 people – 84 passengers and eight crew members. They all died. Among the victims was a public figure and human rights activist Elizabeth Glinka, which were transported to Syria a batch of medicines. A few months after the terrible tragedy of the relatives of the women shared their memories of her in the program “Alone with all”.

“Dr. Lisa too had moments of weakness”: a close about Elizabeth Glinka

About the deceased human rights activist told her adopted son Ilya Shvets, whose mother died of cancer. The inhabitant of Saratov Galina was a patient of the Foundation of the public figure. After her death Dr. Lisa took the teenager to his family. For a long time, this information was not disclosed, as Glinka was afraid to hurt the boy’s attention. Now 23-year-old Elijah lives in Saratov and his wife brings a charming three year old daughter.

“Before that, I had a conversation with my mom Galey. “If something happens, call me Elizabeth,” the told me she. I did just that. Dr. Lisa called friends in Saratov, and they helped me, and the next day after the funeral for me there arrived mother Lisa. We were talking at home, she asked me: “do you want me to take you to live?” Talked about her husband, about the children and what they do. I said, “You’re a good man. I’d like, likely,” – said Shvets.
Приемный сын погибшей Елизаветы Глинки: «Она одарила меня любовью»

Elizaveta Glinka remained in the memory of his adopted son as a man of exceptional spiritual qualities. Ilya loved a woman as his own mother. “She called me “son”, “son”, “my baby”. It is me, you can say, endowed with love…” – said Shvets.

The son of the deceased Dr. Lisa: “I Love you, mom…”

Gleb Glinka, spouse of deceased human rights activist, admitted that in their family there were no problems in the upbringing of an adopted son. “It was pretty smooth sailing,” said the man. Elect Dr Lisa was sympathetic to her desire to adopt a teenager.

The guest of the programme was also attended by the journalist Ksenia Sokolova, who led the Fund Elizabeth Glinka after the tragic events. The woman does not hide his admiration for her work.

“It made a stunning impression on people, and on any of. People just followed it. It’s hard to imagine that there may be people like it… It was a man of penetrating kindness,” – said Sokolov.