Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой узнал новый результат ДНК-теста For several months, adopted son of actress Eudoxia Germanova trying to find the biological parents. According to Nikolay Erokhin, in his childhood he had to endure beatings from the star, and later it brought him back to the orphanage. In February, the young man found his mother, and recently, biological father, kinship with which confirmed DNA-examination.
Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой узнал новый результат ДНК-теста

Last autumn, Nikolay Erokhin first told in live talk show about what he had to endure in childhood. According to the young man, he never knew my biological parents, and long lived in the orphanage until he was adopted by a famous actress Evdokiya Germanova. First, between the foster child and she was a wonderful relationship, but after nick went to first grade, everything changed.

According to the memoirs 18-year-old Nicholas, Germanova beat him for bad grades in school, and if the boy is spoiled things for the star, she could easily lock him in the toilet. Erokhin noted that the artist was even able to inflict stab wounds. In the end, the movie star gave the child back to the orphanage, saying that the boy is suffering from schizophrenia. However, the experts did not revealed violations in its mental health.

Living in the orphanage, Kolya wanted to find the real parents. He managed to meet the biological mother in February of this year. In the program “really” the guy I met with Natalia erokhinoy. DNA tests confirmed the blood relationship between Nicholas and the woman. Then the young man said that he had hatred for the biological mother because she left him in childhood and did not even attempt to meet him again.

Adopted son of Eudocia Germanboy got the results of the DNA test

Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой узнал новый результат ДНК-теста

Today Nicholas went to the Studio and talk shows to meet the biological father – editors of the program failed to find the alleged dad Erokhina in Kyrgyzstan. His name is Ziauddin of Holesov and he was married to the mother of Nicholas in the 90-ies. The couple raised three children before the birth If: sons, Adyl, Timur and daughter Maya. That’s just a man doubt the relationship with Nicky.

Halitov said that during the marital life Erokhina abused alcohol, arranging a great party at their house.

“I didn’t know about it. In 1993 I came to Moscow to work, took Natasha one room, and in five months we love it. First, Timur was born. Up to 95 we lived together, around the drinking was. I decided that the apartment in Moscow to sell and move to Kyrgyzstan, we had 11 thousand dollars, we bought a house in seven rooms. Were living in the centre in my country, then was born the second son Adil. True again to Moscow pulled. Came to the capital in 1997, lived in Dzerzhinsk. Natasha was a relative, we were there the room was rented”, – said Ziauddin.
Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой узнал новый результат ДНК-теста

According to Alisova in the late 90s, his mom died, so he had to leave Natalya with the kids and go to Kyrgyzstan. Then Ziaeddin reported that at home he was detained by police for robbery eight months the man had been in the bullpen while the court did not establish a conditional period of two years. Back in Russia, the man tried to otsikot family, but in vain. In recognition Chalisova about the birth of third son he didn’t even know.

Meet ex-spouses was only in the Studio, where Natalia threshold pounced on her ex-husband with charges.

“His whole life was ruined for me! I told him that he is the son of another. And he said, “I don’t care”. Of course, he doesn’t care, he didn’t want kids. Over 20 years have not tried to find them! Ah, you’re a liar! You didn’t know I was pregnant?! All my goods have sold everything! The money spent”, – said Natalia.
Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой узнал новый результат ДНК-теста

“I just don’t want to be a part of,” admitted Nicholas to the end of the program, not knowing that literally in a matter of minutes the DNA test determines that he is indeed the son Chalisova.