Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой получил результаты ДНК-теста The Studio program “actually” Dmitry Shepelev Nikolay Yerokhin was found with biological relatives. The young man has long sought his own mother after it refused to adopt his actress Evdokiya Germanova.
Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой получил результаты ДНК-теста

Last fall, Nicholas spoke for the first time on a talk show that he had to endure in childhood. According to the young man, Evdokiya Germanova was repeatedly beaten him, locked in the toilet and even inflicted knife wounds, scars from which he still is. Is the celebrity did not comment the words of foster son, and refused to communicate with him and journalists. Ten years ago, she all over the country said that she had to give the boy to the orphanage, because he suffered from schizophrenia and was born in a family of drug addicts with poor health.

All this time Nicholas was trying to find the biological mother. The creators talk show Erokhin held a meeting with his mother. A woman came to the program and explained why he left the newborn baby in the hospital and for 19 years never tried to find him.

“I can only say one thing: “I’m Sorry”, – said Natalia Erokhina to Nicholas. – Would give you a good life. Of course, I didn’t know that you will take are people who will give you hell. Yes, I had him in 1999, 68-th city hospital. But then ran out because I had nothing to feed him, even pick up from the hospital not what it was! I left him, thinking that I had three more children. I didn’t want him to have such an existence… As for me and my children.”
Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой получил результаты ДНК-теста

Natalia admitted that her pregnant, left husband. Then the woman already had a daughter and two sons. The man left in Kyrgyzstan, promising to return but never did.

“Then I lived in my mom’s house with eleven people. And where I take it?! Where will bring? Why did he have such a life? When I had, I thought, “Better son would be in an orphanage than in poverty. Then I decided to escape from the hospital in the toilet, broke the grate in the window – I saw the faces If not wanted to see, otherwise would not be able to quit. Know that he was born about four kilograms”, – said Erokhina.

Natalia said as her fate. She has a small farm with the other children she rarely communicates. “They’re all grown up. My daughter got married, she has children, she lives in Voskresensk. One son is in jail, dissolute became, like his father. And the other in Kyrgyzstan remained, where he was born,” said the woman.

Natalia shared that suffering with alcoholism for decades, a woman frankly said that the sister and brothers of Nicholas have given to the shelter because they could not provide. “I was afraid to find Kohl. Because I give him anything I couldn’t do before, and today,” – said the mother-cuckoo.

In the Studio talk show “really” Dmitry Shepelev announced the results of the DNA test: Natalia 99.9% is the biological mother of Nikolay Yerokhin. The young man admitted that he feels for her mother, only hatred.

“Three months ago, I first became a father. Can’t imagine how you can leave your child… We common-law wife She is also from a wealthy family, but I will do anything to keep my girl in no way needed,” said the young man.
Приемный сын Евдокии Германовой получил результаты ДНК-теста

The master then invited sister of Nicholas Maya Dolgova. Relatives met life, a girl and a boy cried when we hugged each other. “I didn’t know that I have another nick. I were separated in childhood with two other brothers. I found them, when an adult was through the program “Wait for me”. I now have children, I won’t leave them for anything. Somewhere I can, but somewhere I can not understand the mother…She was left alone in a difficult situation. But if I threw a husband, I wouldn’t like it,” – said Maya.

The girl asked her brother to hold a grudge against my mother, to forgive her, to understand. Nicholas, in turn, admitted that extremely pleased appearance in his life sister of Maya.

“I’ll just say, “Forgive her” – addressed to sister to brother.