Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье Anastasia Kurmysheva, which for many years does not communicate with the famous singer and her family met with the ex-husband of the stars of the Wayland Hospital. Once they were one family. In the Studio of channel one, a young woman accused the man of cruelty.
Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье

The heroine of the next release of the program “really” has become the adopted daughter of Irina Ponarovskaya Anastasia Kurmysheva. She came to the family of the famous singer and her husband, jazz musician Wayland Rodd, at the age of 11 months, but when my daughter was four years old, she was sent to an orphanage. A young woman accused the man of violence. Kormysheva claims that he allegedly beat her in their infancy. Sam Rodd said that such statements are untrue.

According to Rodda, Ponarovskaya offered to adopt the child on tour. Then the stars have health problems, and she had a miscarriage. So the singer has decided to take the baby and go with her from Chrysostom.

Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье

Speaking about the years spent in the family of Irina Ponarovskaya, Anastasia Kurmysheva gave to understand that it is unpleasant to remember this time. The young woman was extremely uncomfortable to talk on such a personal subject. Earlier in the interview she claimed that she was beaten and dragged by the hair.

“Their emotions, the memories, the aggression was. And not only towards me but also towards Irina. The only thing I remember with warmth – it’s a dog… Words (on violence – Ed.) not only my. Started this story not me. Initially, these words belonged to Irina Vitalievna. She said that this person hurt me. In my memory, I don’t know how to explain it, some citrus juices. When I poured, and I didn’t want to drink, I was beaten on the head,” explained the woman.
Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье

However, Wayland Rodd stated that he is not capable of such aggressive actions. A man, who is the father of many children, negatively answered the question of if he beat foster daughter. “You know nothing about me,” said the musician.

Leading Elena Hanga, which is familiar with the Wayland Hospital, stood up for the other. The woman is sure: he’s not capable of hurting my own child. In addition, Hanga questioned the veracity of Karamyshevoy.

Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье“We are familiar with Wayland for many years. Our parents knew each other. I know all of Wayland’s children from different wives. The best father I don’t know. He’s a great dad… What we hear from Anastasia? Something she tries to remember. Not a single fact she didn’t. This dubious story that she was allegedly beaten on the head, the words not mother, not grandmother. (…) If a child is to say that he was beaten, he eventually would believe it,” said the presenter.

Experts transfer confirmed the veracity of the Wayland Rodd. “Nastya naughty as a child. And Wayland could afford a palm, as does any loving mother or father, child to stop. (…) Wayland at the time was a sober man, and he definitely didn’t take it as beating. That is the real truth,” said one of the polygraph.

Anastasia thanked the editor of the program because it helped to find out how it all happened actually. “If this is true, then I bow,” said the young woman.

When Anastasia Kurmysheva was 16, she again decided to go for rapprochement with the foster mother. However, their communication resumed thanks to the program “Wait for me”, is not specified. Then Irina Ponarovskaya has accused the girl of stealing. In the broadcast of Anastasia shared her version of the events. According to Karmysheva, she took the jewelry from the singer to try on, and then went with the decorations in the store.

“I come home, I have everything out of the bags. Come Irina Vitalievna, locked in a room. Without telling me a single word. I was accused of stealing, I bought a ticket. Then I saw Irina,” – said Anastasia.
Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье

The expert expressed doubts about the veracity of Karamyshevoy. He believes that she did not understand the true value of the jewelry and just took them to borrow indefinitely. “About this, she thought. But I want to protect her. At that moment, she was like Mowgli. Wild child from the forest”, – said the employee of the transfer.

Dmitry Shepelev also stood up for the heroine. He expressed bewilderment with the actions of the adoptive mother Kormysheva, which so easily broke up with my girlfriend.

Приемная дочь Понаровской узнала правду о насилии в семье“Do you realize how ridiculous this situation is? I even tried pulling the money from the purse of the parents. If I was pressed to the wall and asked had I would say that I did not take. I didn’t admit to until I was not spanked. For me, terribly more. Do this stuff enough to just kick the child out of the apartment never to see? Here is I did not fit in the head,” said the presenter.

In the final transfer Shepelev suggested Kormysheva and Roddy to make peace. Anastasia did not dare to hug a musician, but took his hand. The young woman hinted that her relationship to adoptive father changed.