Приемная дочь Ирины Понаровской рассказала, почему пропала мать Star of Soviet music finally disappeared from radar. Irina Ponarovskaya not touring, not appearing on TV, doesn’t do interviews. Her adopted daughter, believes that the singer just doesn’t want to be in public, because it has changed over the years.
Приемная дочь Ирины Понаровской рассказала, почему пропала мать

Irina Ponarovskaya was the absolute star of the stage. Adored her, she wanted to be like many women. Except that the singer was unusual for pop jazz vocal, she had a bright new look wasp waist, chic outfits, she was not Soviet-style sexual. This year, in March Irina age 65. It is unclear whether it is to celebrate the anniversary. Fans continue to worry, where did the artist if she was okay, wondering whether Ponarovskaya a recluse, if not disappeared from the world in solitude.

Under the name of Irina Ponarovskaya in social networks there are several pages, but almost nobody uses three to four years. Yes and the official website of the actress have not been updated. Last summer, Irina Ponarovskaya, through its Director, said anyone who worried about her.

Irina Ponarovskaya responded to rumors about the mysterious disappearance

Lera Covina, singer’s Director, said that with the artist’s all right, she’s not a recluse, and deals family. Have Ponarovskaya son Anthony, grandson Eric.

However, her adopted daughter thinks otherwise. The young woman is sure that Irina Ponarovskaya now must realize all the wrong she had done in life against the named daughter. Anastasia sure if Ponarovskaya and lead a solitary life, then just a little who wants to see.

“She is tired and just wants a normal old age. Especially when you look beautiful, hard to realize that the former beauty gone. Probably, she caught the boomerang. I really think that right now, she started to relive our history. Irina realizes that for all their actions sooner or later we will have to answer,” she said.

Anastasia Kurmysheva, or as it still name is Betty Antonik, lived some years in the family of Irina Ponarovskaya and her husband, Weyland Rodd. She stayed in their house from 11 months to four years, then the girl returned to the orphanage, and years later, when she was 16, she was again invited into the family. But life has not worked. Ponarovskaya claimed that the girl was stealing, and the girl still denies all charges and says that her foster father beat her in infancy.

Kormysheva earns a Striptease, takes care of her son. And often sadly recalls his former foster mother and her family. “By the way, Anthony, son of Irina, we talked normally. But then he said that I was coming on to him. It’s just ridiculous. I believe that if played moment of greed. Imagine there was a girl that Irina called daughter,” she said in an interview sobesednik.ru.