Admirers of Alsu suspect that she is pregnant

Поклонники Алсу подозревают, что она беременна The singer appears at the social events in a broad, maritaliendo clothes, causing arguments from their friends and fans. Representatives Alsu the situation does not comment.

      Поклонники Алсу подозревают, что она беременна

      Beauty Alsu, the mother of two adorable girls, 9-year-old Safina and 7-year-old Mikelle, as well as an exemplary wife of the businessman Yana Abramova after the birth of my heirs, pomeshaet all his time to the family, rarely appearing at social events. The last time fans Alsou began to wonder: is not pregnant if their favorite singer? The fact that the artist began increasingly to go public in the spacious outfits, covered her stomach. On one of the last parties Alsou was together with his daughters, in such a broad outfit that left many in disbelief — surely the family of the actress is awaiting replenishment.

      Поклонники Алсу подозревают, что она беременна

      However to say exactly whether the child artist. Maybe Alsou just gained a few pounds and is now trying to hide it. And, maybe, got carried away certain clothes — spacious, beautiful dresses and blouses from her favourite brands with a flying silhouette. By the way, the singer is a frequent visitor of fashion shows, it continuously monitors various trends. Alsu can be found on the presentations of the collections of many Russian designers — Bella Potemkina, Alexander Terekhov, Galina Vasilyeva, Yulia Yanina, Valentin Yudashkin.

      By the way, last year after Alsu attended one of these shows, many, too, began to talk about the interesting position of the star. Then on the artist was a striped dress that hid the shape Alsu and gave her extra volume. Fans began to assume that soon the singer will appear a third child, but over time these speculations have not been confirmed.

      Recall, Alsu honored Arista of Tatarstan, married businessman Yan Abramov, the son of banker Raphael Abramov, 2006. The wedding singer became one of the most talked-about events of the year. It is estimated that it cost about three million dollars. The guests closed the ceremony there were about 500, among them were Yuri Luzhkov, Joseph Kobzon, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Ksenia Sobchak, Oleg Gazmanov and other famous people from different spheres of activity. Especially in the solemn day, GCCs about “Russia” on duty several cordons of security are not allowed inside the unwelcome visitors. According to some reports, for each captured of paparazzi Abramov paid its employees a thousand dollars. As for gifts, the newlyweds, the most luxurious gifts Alsu and Jan became a penthouse in Moscow and a country house and a Bentley car.

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