Adidas выпустил коллекцию, посвященную правам женщин

Adidas has presented a collection of sportswear “Now Is Her Time” (“Now is the time”) style “unisex”.

Adidas выпустил коллекцию, посвященную правам женщин

The Central message of the new sport collection is to equalize not only rights but also responsibilities of men and women. Collection Adidas developed in conjunction with the American rapper, producer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams.

In collaboration with Pharrell Williams, the brand released shoes and unisex clothes for women, men and children – from newborns to teenagers (not to infringe on anyone’s rights). Shoes they are unprecedented for Adidas colours — from green, pink to grey and black shades. Each image also contains prints or labels “Empathy”, “Thoughts”, “People”. And the letters HU means “Human” ( “man”).

Adidas выпустил коллекцию, посвященную правам женщин

In a new ad campaign, the creators wanted to show “point of view of women of different backgrounds and beliefs, and those who pay for it”.

To become models for the campaign invited:

musician Sidney Lauren Bennett (LEDs);

— the artist, activist and founder of the movement “Black Lives Matter” Patris Callers;

— British actor Reginald Jetta;

— the artist and founder of the project “Art Mom” Tyra Mitchell;

model Sara Cummings and Qadi Diawara;

dancers Bus Cain and Sophia Parker;

entrepreneur, founder of the nonprofit organization “” Nadya Okamoto;

— British actor, teleidoscope and radiodeejay Reginald “Reggie” Yates;

— architect Iddris Sandu;

surfer Keala Naihe;

— film producer and activist for the protection of human rights Sana Azim.

Images for Adidas campaign was entrusted to do the photographer from USA Collier Schorr. In her works she explores and raises themes of gender identity and equal rights.

The new collection will appear in the flagship Adidas stores and will be available on the website of the brand is August 31.

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