Аделине Сотниковой изменил возлюбленный TV presenter Alexander Jelly fooling two girls. Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova stated that she is disappointed, and her wound will heal long.

      Аделине Сотниковой изменил возлюбленный

      Has not passed also weeks from the moment the famous figure skater Adelina Sotnikova of his new lover. He was a TV presenter Alexander Jelly, known thanks to the program “Magazzino”.

      The lovers came together for a social event, where it confirmed that they share a romantic relationship. Also a couple said that they met on the set for one of the magazines in February, after which their romance developed rapidly. But just as quickly the relationship, and stopped. Adelina Sotnikova found that during this month beloved was cheating on her. As it turned out, the young man has an affair with two girls and not even planned to choose.

      At the disposal of “Stargate” turned out to be fragments of correspondence with TV presenter girlfriend, which, like Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova, was thought to be Jelly she’s the only one. About the betrayal of a loved one and told the skater. Athlete posted on his own microblog a picture accompanied with this post very melacholic statement.

      Аделине Сотниковой изменил возлюбленный

      “Don’t say “love” until you are sure about the person! Until you feel those butterflies in your stomach, about which all so speak. I thought, hoped that now it is mine! But things turned out the way it should be! It is not just, learn from your mistakes. Just going to be more attentive to young people”, – said the skater emotional pain with your subscribers.

      In perepiske mountain-lover with the second girl, you might find that that wasn’t going to change anything. A young man, apparently, was content with the situation, because if they need to leave, he was very surprised. Before this so-called mistress Jelly sent him intimate photos and messages, full of passion and tenderness, to which he responded very enthusiastically. It is not excluded that the person with whom the broadcaster in parallel, building relationships, just sick of the lies, and therefore decided to break off relations with him.

      For the Olympic champion the incident was a big blow, and, apparently, Adelina now have really easy. However, the girl is well aware that should learn a lesson from this situation, to be careful with the choice of lover in the future.

      Аделине Сотниковой изменил возлюбленный

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