Adelina Sotnikova said detractors

Аделина Сотникова ответила недоброжелателям
Skater quoted words from a favorite song.

Photo: Instagram

Adelina Sotnikova recently announced that it will be able to speak in season 2017-2018 year due to injury. After this message, the skater collapsed wave of criticism from the professional community. In particular, the famous coach Tatiana Tarasova, who cared for all figure skating in the whole country, said that he does not understand how the game plays Adelina, under the leadership of their new coach Evgeny Plushenko.

“We look forward to the future. And I do not see where Adeline, — said Tatiana reporters. Is just even a bit ridiculous. I can’t more to say. How many years have we waited for Eugene, Adeline now to wait? It is not serious. Plushenko with Sotnikova played in the game, but I don’t. I’m not interested. I’m a serious person, understand what the sport, training and competition. And I don’t understand why they do it.”

Plushenko has come forward to support in the direction of Adeline, and now she spoke about the criticism in their address. However, in a slightly roundabout way. The girl took the words of a song singer Nargiz: “they beat Us — we fly from pain all of the above, the wing spreading over our own roof. They beat us — we fly, laugh and cry down leaving their failures…”

Anyway, Adelina wants to recover from injury to return to the ice in perfect shape and still compete for the gold medal.