Adelina Sotnikova meets with the son of Valeria

Аделина Сотникова встречается с сыном Валерии
Young people acknowledged themselves to be a couple.

Adelina Sotnikova and Artemy Shulgin

Photo: Instagram

In the ranks of celebrities — a new pair! 22-year-old son of singer Valeria Artemy Shulgin
is Dating 20-year-old figure skater Adelina Sotnikova. The young men appeared
together on one of the film premieres in Moscow and with pleasure posed for photographers, Artemy gently held the girl by the waist. According to
producer, husband of Valerie Joseph Prigogine, Artemy Adelina and friends, and for a long time. However, the lovers declare themselves on the other.

We will remind, a year ago, the skater was Dating TV presenter Alexander
Milk. They have long tried to hide their romance, appearing together on
social events. However, Sasha has changed the skater and the couple broke up. However, Alexander did not forget the girl and told of their feelings for
Adelina. “After that I was having an affair, but, unfortunately, it came to an end.
Now my heart belongs to another girl. I think all of you know who.
I hope Adeline knows it too. We have it still ahead, I’m not her
just talking about it,” — said the Milk.

By the way, the youngest son of singer Valeria Arseniy Shulgin already
a few months rents an apartment with model Anna Sheridan. According to
Prigogine, the young man has long sought to lead independent lives. On 10 November, he
18 years old, and he announced that he wants to live separately. And in the end moved out. And lives in a rented apartment with my girlfriend.