Аделина Сотникова рассекретила возлюбленного Chosen Olympic champion was leading “Magazzino”. Adelina Sotnikova Jelly and Alexander appeared together at the premiere of the historical drama “Hero” with Dima Bilan in the title role.

      Аделина Сотникова рассекретила возлюбленного

      19-year-old Adelina Sotnikova finally found the time to go out with her new lover. Fans of the stars suspected that in her life there was pleasant changes, however, official confirmation is still not there. Declassify the elect Olympic champion decided only now.

      The sports star came to the premiere of the historical drama “Hero” in the company’s lead program “Magazzino” Alexander Jelly. 21-year-old graduate of GITIS is just starting his career on television. The young man was casting and now heads the new show, which together with the crew, following the example of “Revizorro”, checks the markets, large chain stores, and retail outlets. He finds out which of them deserve the trust of consumers, and which do not.

      At the premiere of “the Hero”, in which the surprise of many, played the famous singer Dima Bilan, beloved holding hands and whispering sweet. Jelly later confirmed that Sotnikova is his girlfriend.

      “Yes, we’re a couple, – confessed Alexander. – We met while shooting for a glossy magazine. It happened not so long ago – on February 17. It was love at first sight! I believe in fate and that all meetings are non-random. I with it very well and calmly. I’m sure Adelina, one hundred percent! And very worried for her.”

      Looks like the leading “Magazzino” will be a major supporter of Sotnikova at the Olympics in Korea, which will take place in 2018. Athlete is actively preparing for this event. She holds regular training and plans to bring home the victory.

      “I’m going to pray that she got her second gold, said the Milk lover in an interview with “7 days”. Unfortunately, because of my shooting and training we very rarely see each other. But once get a few free hours, fly to each other. For the premiere of the film “Hero” we planned to go for a long time. Really wanted to see the debut of Dima Bilan in a big movie. We both graduated from GITIS, and it was very interesting to see him play. I can say that he coped with such a part!”

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