Adelina Sotnikova comes after the betrayal of a loved

Аделина Сотникова приходит в себя после измены любимого Skater decided to leave grudges in the past. Adeline Sovetnikova now actively preparing for the Olympic games in Korea and it is not to worries about parting with TV presenter Alexander Jelly.

      Аделина Сотникова приходит в себя после измены любимого

      Recently it became known that the famous figure skater and Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova made the decision to leave popular TV presenter Alexander Jelly. This happened after the press got fragments of personal correspondence of Alexander, in which he flirts with the model and designer Malika Mirzayanova. Of these messages also becomes clear that the girl threw the TV star after she learned about his relationship with Sotnikova.

      Ex-lover Adelina Sotnikova of betrayal: “It was a casual relationship”

      Adelina for some time he refrained from commenting to this news. So the other day the girl has published in Instagram photo with the following caption: “Go to mode “don’t care”. I’m happy, then nothing else matters!”. As we can conclude from this post that the skater gradually getting back to normal after the betrayal of a loved one and begins to enjoy life. By the way, she also began preparations for the Winter Olympic games in Korea, which will be held in February 2018.

      Subscribers Sotnikova sincerely rejoiced for your favorite athlete. “Babe, all right”, “Hide from envious of their happiness and go on to succeed, will succeed”, “You are our pride, remember this always!”, “We will never stop to support you”, “Great mode”, “You will succeed, no matter what”, “Good”, “Not the first and not the last. Once closes one door, opens another, better one” — these comments, the fans supported Adeline.

      Meanwhile, Alexander in conversation with “Stricom” Sotnikova wished all the best and said that in the future, when the hype surrounding the story of the infidelity has settled, he would like to resume his relationship with her. He also said that his relationship with devuschka Malik was fleeting and random, they have nothing in common. Caught in a wide open correspondence is the result of the machinations of enemies who wanted him broke up with Adelina, and possibly PR Mirzayanova who wanted to draw attention to his person.

      Adelina Sotnikova Jelly and Alexander met on the set for one glossy magazine. Alexander later admitted that fell in love with the girl. Novel stars was short but stormy. Their first joint appearance in public took place at the premiere of the film “Hero”, it happened about a week ago.

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