Адель не сможет выступать из-за поврежденных голосовых связок

Legendary British singer Adele said about another reason why she will speak again – the problem with my vocal cords. Having played 121 performance in the framework of the world tour, the singer could not to tire your voice on. On his page in social network Instagram Adele has announced that finishes touring, and probably will never do it. A few hours ago she asked her fans for forgiveness for the last two shows in Wembi, where during the Intro her voice sounded wrong. Adele has admitted that her heavily damaged vocal cords, and because it indefinitely refuses performances.

“I don’t even know how to start this conversation. The last two entering the “Wembley” was the most ambitious and the best in my life…But I had to fight in these two evenings with my own voice, I laid out are a lot stronger than usual…
I went to my doctor to have it checked out throat, because the next day I could not talk, and it turned out that I had severely damaged vocal cords. Now, as recommended, I can’t do this weekend…please forgive me for those nights that you were at the concerts with their loved ones and the memories that you have left. I apologize for the wasted time and money.
The decision not to speak more it was really hard for me…I spent 121 show, and I had only two. I’m writing this now because the decision to cancel the concerts was taken just a few hours ago. While more can not tell anything, but I know that everything will be compensated, if not able to reschedule performances…I love you, forgive me…” wrote Adele.
Fans, though upset with this news, but the British (and not only British) I love Adele, so no hard feelings at the bottom of the to it not, only wishes for a speedy recovery.