Адель обосновалась в Лос-Анджелесе

Loud-voiced Briton Adele decided to live on two continents. The celebrity acquired in Beverly hills-new house and already says that this was her new abode. Sources claim that celebrity, which this month has already brought in eight of the past sold out show have already been seen playing with three-year-old son Angelo in the yard of his new home.

Adele, according to neighbors, also loves to walk with the baby and her boyfriend in the vicinity of their home. By the way, in the neighborhood of Adele live Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.
“She always goes for a walk incognito in a big hat and sunglasses, but she’s always nice and neighborly friendly. Somehow she was buying vegetables at a shop in Santa Monica, and on a direct question of the seller, “are You Adele?”, answered with his bright British accent “No,” said the neighbors.
Recall that Adele politely refused to participate in a Large bowl.
“This show is not about the music. I know I’m not in Bayonne, I can’t dance and all that,” said the singer to fans during one of the concerts.

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