Адель испугала поклонников болезненным видом

Due to the disease of popular singer cancelled the concert.

Adele is known for its admirers not only a perfect voice and catchy hits, but also a commitment. The singer never misses the press conference comes to meeting the fans and not holding concerts for many hours.

But before the next concert, the star was very simple, I decided to apologize to the fans who bought tickets to the concert in the video Instagram.

“Tonight I will not be able to speak. I am really, really sorry. A few days ago I caught a cold, tried to recover, but the effort is futile. Yesterday my show was held, but it gave me a hard time… I really don’t want to cancel the concert, it was not in my plans, but I have to think about your health, because there is still a lot of shows,” – said the feeble star. Judging from the appearance of Adele, she feels really bad.

Followers of 28-year-old star wished her a speedy recovery and urged not to be upset about the concert. All agreed in one thing: the main thing is health, and concerts will have to wait!

Video posted by @adele on 17 Aug 2016 at 3:41 PDT

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