Adele regretted that gave birth to a son

Адель раскаивалась в том, что родила сына British singer rarely talks to reporters details of his personal life. Recently, however, Adele admitted that she felt bad after the birth of her first child. The woman suffered severe depression, which prevented her from living.

      28-year-old singer Adele gives rare interview on the topic of his personal life. Recently, however, the star made an exception and told one glossy publication that she felt after giving birth. As it turned out, the artist had experienced postnatal depression. Adele was very worried about this. She couldn’t spend time with the baby, because he was afraid to hurt him. One time a celebrity even thought that the child nothing came to light.

      Adele married after five years of relationship

      “I didn’t take antidepressants. In addition, I discussed your issue with other women. My boyfriend advised me to do so. Then, without realizing it, I began to gravitate toward pregnant women and other women with children, because I realized that they are a little more patient… My knowledge about postpartum condition down to the fact that you don’t want to be near the baby, afraid to hurt him, worried about whether all you get. But I was obsessed with her son. I felt inadequate and thought I made the worst decision in my life. Postpartum depression can manifest in different forms,” Adele told reporters.

      Charter from this state, a celebrity decided to speak to a friend. Adele openly admitted to her how he felt. A friend of the star burst into tears and told me that feel the same way. “And that’s all. It was” – said the artist. Since then, the feeling Adele is much improved, and she decided not to spend all your time with the baby. The singer came to the conclusion that you need at least half a day a week to dedicate to yourself.

      The star also admitted to the media that over time it fully recovered from the depression. She also told Vanity Fair that a child has ceased to be carefree as before. Now Adele is afraid of many things that can happen to her. A woman wants to be with her son, therefore, applies to everything very carefully. Even for little Angelo celebrity get rid of bad habits – she quit Smoking and abusing alcohol.

      Recall that Adele became a mother in October 2012. The father of the child – beloved singer Simon Konecki. “We are now in the seventh heaven from happiness, but please respect our privacy”, – reported earlier, pregnant actress. And recently it became known that Adele is planning to marry his chosen one, with whom she has been together for about five years. About it journalists were told by a source close to the celebrity. However, official statements from the woman and her lover has not yet been reported.