Adele praised the song Jamala

Адель высоко оценила песню Джамалы

During a recent concert in Amsterdam, the famous British singer Adele said that she really liked the song winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2016, which, as we know, was the song “1944” Crimean Tatar singer Jamala< /strong>.

Адель высоко оценила песню Джамалы
While on tour in the Netherlands, Adele, as usual, began to communicate with the public, conducting dialogues between the songs from the stage. During a conversation with the audience she has asked the fans standing below the stage, where they came from. After learning that her Amsterdam concert, people came from Malta, Adel said:
“Are you from Malta? You always perform at the Eurovision song contest. Is anyone watching Eurovision? I really liked the winning song.”

Recall that the controversy regarding the first place in a music competition this year was very hot. Second place went to the representative of Australia, and the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev with a small separation took the third place. Many have accused the video of politicization (as always), and some Russian deputies urged further ignore the music competition.

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