Адель целовалась с поклонником на концерте в Ванкувере

The singer of the hit Hello at a recent concert in Vancouver (Canada) did something I did for 6 years.

During their concerts for Adele has become commonplace to call on stage the fans to communicate with them, to help someone connect with their hearts, etc. apparently, when in Vancouver, the British called to the scene of the guy with the nickname “Wizzy”, she didn’t think it would end so unfamiliar to her.

The guy admitted Adele, for her concert, he traveled thousands of kilometers (the path from Nigeria to Canada). Singer this story is very touched and she decided to embrace her lover. Then the young man got cocky, and asked to do with Adele selfie. It it it is also not denied. But at the time of photographing the guy made it so that Adele kissed him on the cheek. Then, the artist did not panic and gave the foreign guests a savory kiss on the lips.

While “Wizzy” running and jumping around the stage, not believing his luck, Adele was quick to laugh it off and said, “Thank God, my man is in the room today. This is my first kiss with someone besides him for the last six years.”

While beloved Adele thinks, how did he react to her act, the singer is happy with her new achievement. Yesterday was announced the nominees for music awards the MTV Video Music Awards 2016, where Adele, has received 8 nominations.

First on the list was Beyonce, then Drake (six), Ariana Grande (five) and Rihanna (four). For awards in several categories also expect Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, SIA, Chris brown, Coldplay and others. In four categories appears and the late David Bowie.


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