Adele is ready to sacrifice career for son

Адель готова пожертвовать карьерой ради сына
The singer decided to take a leave to care for a child for 10 years!

Adele and son Angelo

Photo: Legion-media

At that time, as most celebrities who have children complaining about how hard separation from family on tour, Adele has solved this problem radically. According to the newspaper TheSun, the singer is ready to give up on tours for the next 10 years!

To make this decision, she did not come immediately. The fact that immediately after the birth of son Angelo in 2012, British singer also stopped the performance. Moreover, maternity leave meant not only the refusal of going on stage, but the lack of new songs. However, in the beginning of this year the singer held a triumphant return. She released a new album, 25, which broke all imaginable records. In addition, she gave several concerts, tickets for which sold out instantly! In appearance, Adel has also changed. It was hard not to notice that the singer is obsessed with losing weight. Star sat on a rigid diet and started to train hard in the gym.

For performances for their fans Adele even managed to overcome their stage fright. The impression was that she was ready to stay for long in the cage the top performers. However, it was not there. The singer suddenly realized that he didn’t want to miss any of the events in the life of the son, and therefore going to be near him the next 10 years…

This news, of course, terribly upset her fans around the world. However, they have not lost hope that Adele after some time will your mind to do such a big break in her career for the sake of an heir.