Адель организует девичник для Дженнифер Лоуренс

Very soon, the 28-year-old Jennifer Lawrence will marry 34-year-old cook Maroni. The actress wants to have a great time at the bachelorette party, so I asked to prepare the event, his friend, 31-year-old Adele. The singer already sends invitations!

Адель организует девичник для Дженнифер Лоуренс

Jennifer decided not to organize another party, after all, was very disappointed, after a party in honor of her engagement came too little people! “Adele has already started organizing the party and has begun sending the first invitations. At the moment all the details are kept secret. Adele wants to keep the intrigue, so any publication on this topic in social networks is not encouraged. One thing is clear: the party is going to be really crazy,” says the insider of The Sun.

The insider said the love Lawrence to the parties and said that the bachelorette party can happen anywhere!

In a recent interview, Lawrence spoke about the preparations for the wedding: “I saw the dress. It was pleasant to me. “This dress”, I thought. Saw the place and immediately decided, “Hey, we have space”… I’m not nervous: I’m too lazy to be nervous.”

Rumors about the relationship with the Director of the modern art gallery Gladstone Gallery cook Maron went after reports of Dating stars. Early actress attributed the novel with Director David O Russell. The network has photos, which they enjoy an evening walk through the streets of new York. Stars have a long relationship and it turns out that only the professional.

Insiders denied rumours about their romance, saying that there’s nothing between them. “There’s no romance between Jen and David. This is purely a friendly and professional relationship,” says the insider of the foreign edition of the E! News. “They are constantly working on new projects. Directed all the time is preparing the role for her.”

The actress also attributed the novel with Chris Pratt. The movie “Passengers” brought actors not only new fans, but rumors about the affair. Playing in the film, a couple in life they were often seen together on the red carpet in part of her promotional tour picture. The romance rumors quickly flooded the network, and the actress was even accused of divorce Pratt with wife Anna Faris. Unable to withstand the onslaught, Lawrence decided to dispel rumors in an interview on one radio, saying that between her and Pratt and nothing happened.

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