Adele is going to change the profession

Адель собирается сменить профессию
The singer wants to become an actress.



As it became known, Adele wants to start acting in movies. Currently,
she talks about how to get the role in the musical “Oliver” — the novel
Charles Dickens. The new movie will be a remake of the classic film still
in 1968.

Reportedly, Adele is very
interested in participating in this project. The producers are also ready to sign her
contract. If the negotiations succeed, the singer gets the role
Nancy, the kind-hearted mistress of the villain bill Sykes.

Earlier, the singer announced his
the decision to permanently suspend his concert activity, to be able
do not driving around with tours and spend more time with her beloved 4-year-old son
Angelo and husband Simon. However, she was not going to abandon singing.
Adele promised that it will continue to record songs and share them with your

However, things did not go quite as she
planned: the singer has damaged vocal chords and could not even complete his
tour. As a result, she lost her voice and doctors were seriously concerned,
her singing voice may never recover. At the time of treatment Dr.
strictly forbidden the singer to even talk, so she explained the signs.
Fortunately, apparently, fears of doctors have not justified. After all, if Adele
wants to join the crew of the musical “Oliver”, then she is sure,
that will be able to perform the vocal part of his role.