Adele hinted at the culmination of the tour activities

Адель намекнула на завершение гастрольной деятельности

British singer Adele who became a legend, completed his world tour “25”. After the final concert, culminating in his native London on his Facebook page, the actress once hinted that will no longer subject yourself to such tests, and most likely this tour will be her last.

Адель намекнула на завершение гастрольной деятельности

“We did a great job-he spent time in the UK, Ireland, Europe and America, Australia and New Zealand. I understand that such an exhausting journey – not for me, it’s a very peculiar thing which is not for everyone. I am at home and on the road I always get in trouble.

During the tour I played 119 times, and if you add the last show, and they do count 123. I originally wanted to spend last appearance at home in London, because I don’t know if I dare ever to tour. Thanks to everyone who came to see me. I sincerely thank you for all the good words, love and support. I will remember them all my life” — written by Adele, as if saying goodbye to the audience.
During a recent concert, the singer urged the public to help the victims of the fire that occurred in the building of the Grenfell tower on June 14, and to transfer money to the Fund. The singer was one of the first celebrities who arrived at the scene of the tragedy. She was alone, without journalists and protection. With tears in her eyes hugged the victims and their relatives, searched for words of comfort. Not surprisingly, then, people’s love for Adele has grown even more.
Recall that Adele is not the first time said that will no longer be touring. Supposedly every time she goes on stage, it overcomes fear, and each time the excitement more and more. Singer said that because of this ongoing condition she decided not to torment.

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