Adele helped a fan to propose her lover on the concert

Адель помогла поклоннице сделать предложение возлюбленному на концерте

At the concert in Belfast singer Adele invited a fan on stage, so she made an offer hands and hearts with his boyfriend.

February 29, 2016 in the Irish city of Belfast started a large-scale concert tour of the singer Adele (Adele).

The beginning of the tour coincided with a special day for Ireland the day: according to tradition, February 29 the girl can break the conventional rules and make an offer hands and hearts beloved, and he must accept it. The situation benefited the 34-year-old Hayley Consuegra (Hayley Consuegra). She got up on stage to the singer and asked her boyfriend, 40-year-old Neil Pringle (Neil Pringle) to marry her.

Chastened, the man first said “Could be”, but Adele insisted: “You must say Yes”. 11-strong crowd supported the singer shouts “Come on, Nick!”, after which Pringle agreed.

Later Hayley Consuegra told the Daily Mail that she and Neil Pringle have been together for ten years. Once Adele has saved their relationship. “We separated for a while, but got back together when I sent him the song Someone Like You,” said Haley.

“Adele, thank you for tonight. You put your words in our history, wrote Consuela on Twitter after the concert. — Due to the fact that you were there, I gained the courage. Thank you for becoming part of our memories.”

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