Adele has forever goodbye to the fans

Адель навсегда простилась с поклонниками
The singer said that he was leaving the stage.



Fans of the 29-year-old Adele in shock. The fact that one of
of the concerts held this week, the singer announced that he stops his concert
activity! This information is posted many sites, including the online edition of The Telegraph.

This statement the singer made during his recent show in London at Wimbley stadium Stadium. ”
Monday I become a mommy full time.
That’s what I’m going to do from now on. My last concert will take place in
this Sunday. And imagine, I await this eagerly, as I
doing this for my son Angelo. My boy spent traveling with me around the world with concerts, almost two
… He practically grew up until I carried out this tour. My husband Simon has shown during this time just
incredible patience. Without his help my trip would simply be impossible. I
already gave 119 of the show and, along with the rest, this number will increase to 123’s! By the way,
I want to say that it is not accidentally scheduled my last concerts in
London, I wish they were in my hometown…” — said the singer.

“Maybe we’ll never meet again … I will remember
my meetings with you, the viewers, the rest of my life… But I promise I will not stop to write music and
will share it with you! I hope you will like it…” — said Adele.

In fact, Adele in
last year, hinted that he was going to interrupt long his concert activity,
to educate 4-year-old Angelo. But then it only talked about
there is a long pause. In addition, fans were confident that Adel will change his mind. Alas,
they were wrong…