Adele got an offer they couldn’t refuse

Адель получила предложение, от которого невозможно отказаться
She received the incredible opportunity to get rich.



Adele, which ranked first in the list of those who are most
earns in show business, will be able
to replenish their accounts at a very large sum. The fact that she got almost
incredible offer: she was promised a contract under which it will work
during the year nearly 20 million pounds, that is
about $ 27 million. At the same time, she won’t have to make
a tiring tour around the world, and to live in comfort in a luxury hotel, giving at
4 concerts per month.

This proposal was made by the 29-year-old Adele, a representative
luxury hotel — Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. “In recent years, everything about our business has changed dramatically. Before
signing the resident contract in Vegas was equivalent for the performer
the recognition of the fact that his career is already almost over. But at present such stars as
Celine Dion and Britney Spears, and in the recent past, and Mariah Carey. And all of them far
before “retirement”. So that Adele will not be ashamed to sign a contract that
we intend to offer her!” — said one of the top managers.

As it turned out, in that case, if Adele will agree, it will be absolute
the record holder Vegas. Because Adele will receive for each show 500 thousand
dollars. While Celine Dion pay “only”475 thousand, and Britney is even less for 375…
Moreover, as assured the Manager, even if Adele will ask for more, his leadership
might consider that option, considering that fees from concerts anyway
will cover all the costs.

The only thing that can stop Adele’s accept the generous offer, is it
problems with the voice. Recall: she was forced to cancel the last two
concert of his tour due to the fact that has damaged the vocal cords. And while
it is unknown whether it has restored your ability to such an extent that
to withstand the one-year “marathon”.