Адель заставила сотрудников отеля ехать 100 км за пиццей

It seems that the singer starts stellar disease…

“Star in shock”, ” cried would Sergei Zverev, learning about the whim, Adele. Earlier, the singer was not seen in the stellar manifestations of the disease. But recently the fans to see their idol completely on the other side.

Along with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and young son Angelo, Adele recently vacationed in Soho Farmhouse hotel in Oxfordshire. According to the source, The Sun, at about 11 o’clock in the evening, the singer called the front Desk and asked for a pizza from the pizzeria, located 100 km from the hotel – in her native borough of Kensington in London.

Figuring that the road would take four hours, the staff proposed a compromise: a local chef will prepare the pizza exactly the same recipe. Adele is such an option did not suit. In the end, the staff had no how to fulfill the requirement of the star.

“One of the staff drove all the way to London and came back with pizza. Unfortunately, by that time it was already 3am, so Adele is already asleep” – told the employee of press.

As the saying goes, the rich their quirks. Don’t forget that Adele is not only a star but an ordinary woman who probably just wanted to get you that gig. By the way, ate whether Adel pizza is not specified.

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