Обратившуюся к Владимиру Путину Дашу Старикову спасли от рака The girl got in touch with the President during the “Straight line”. She reported about the health problems in Apatity, and also admitted that she had stage four cancer. The head of state decided to help Daria.
Обратившуюся к Владимиру Путину Дашу Старикову спасли от рака

Daria Starikova told Vladimir Putin this summer, in her hometown were closed many health facilities and ambulances sometimes don’t have time to call people. The head of state promised to look into the situation. Itself 24-year-old Daria has suffered from the negligence of doctors: first she was misdiagnosed. After the girl went to other doctors, she was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer. Starikov brought to the capital Institute. Herzen in serious condition, where her treatment began to engage the doctor of medical Sciences, honored doctor of Russia, academician of the Academy of Sciences, head of the National medical research center of radiology Ministry of health Andrey Kaprin.

“The tumor was large, needed a bulk operation, which lasted for more than 4.5 hours, – said the surgeon-oncologist. – Before and after surgery was chemotherapy first to shrink the tumour, and then to build on the success after it is removed. We used the imported drugs, and the Russian generic drugs”.
Обратившуюся к Владимиру Путину Дашу Старикову спасли от рака

At the moment, Daria has neither metastasis nor tumor. On New year she plans to return to his hometown, to finally see her daughter.

“Now I feel just fine compared to the condition where the six months came in. Thoughts very different, can look to the future, to make plans. At the moment, planning to go on a Christmas vacation home. Want to spend time with your family, beloved 6-year-old daughter Sonia. Then come back and continue treatment”, – said Darya during the briefing, held at the Institute. Herzen.

The girl said that Kaprin performed a miracle and gave her a second life. A few months doctors will Starikova reconstructive surgery, which will restore the tissues removed. Then the patient waits for rehabilitation and regular monitoring. As a rule, in the first year people come for check-UPS every three months, then every six months for three years.

Kaprin stressed that Starikov is well kept. “Great value had the patience, courage Dasha and her trust in us – the faith of the patient in the doctors makes an important contribution to the victory over disease,” the physician reported to journalists of the First channel.