Адам Левин и Бехати Принслу подыскивают новый дом

A child will certainly change the life of a famous spouse of Adam Levine and behati Prinsloo, and therefore to the birth of the baby they decided to find a new home, more convenient for the education of the heir than the one in which they live now.

Адам Левин и Бехати Принслу подыскивают новый дом
Pregnant supermodel became known several weeks ago. The couple still have time, but they prefer not to lose and thoroughly prepare for a new life. The other day Behati and Adam saw in the Pacific Palisades, the Western part of Los Angeles, which is predominantly luxury real estate – why live anywhere else the frontman of the popular band Maroon 5 and “angel” Victoria’s Secret.

I must say that under form-fitting colorful dress Behati has already seen a small tummy. Most likely, the child star of the spouses will be born this year.

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