Adam Levine accused of star disease

Адама Левина упрекают в звёздной болезни

First Gwen Stefani, now Adam Levine. In the Studio where the shooting of the American show “the Voice” definitely flies some fly-infecting members of the jury stardom. While the camera is turned on, the member of the jury of charming and nice with everyone, but worth a look behind the scenes, and Adam becomes “a real bitch”.

“It is the most difficult communication of the celebrities on the set. Adam the longest delay makeup artist and stylist, refuses to begin filming until his clothes and the image will not be perfect. For the eyes of the Studio employees called him “little [email protected]”” said the insider.
Recall that in the show “the Voice” Adam is the chair of judges for the fourth season in a row. Earlier in the star accused his colleague Gwen Stefani. Supposedly she was the “prettiest” of all the celebrities who ever played in the program as mentors, and now to it not to come – previously quiet “his shirt,” Gwen had become stale and arrogant.