Adam Lambert got the page “Vkontakte” before the concert in Moscow

Адам Ламберт завел страницу «Вконтакте» перед концертом в Москве

The 18th of April in the Crocus city Hall will host a concert of American singer Adam Lambert.

To prepare for this event, the musician came up with all the responsibility. In addition to the many hours of rehearsals and honing skills, Adam decided to become closer to their Russian-speaking fans and has established an official community in the popular social networks of Russia.

Lambert joined “Vkontakte” Many didn’t believe at once. But Adam even managed to stay with them for video chat, answering questions about the voice, school days, favourite books, plans of work with the rock band “Queen” and about a dream to visit Spain and Egypt. The surprises at the concert in Moscow did not tell, but promised that they would.

I will assume that there will be many surprises: from colorful costumes, ending with some kind of fire-show.

At this point we know that Lambert will be performing songs from the new album “The Original High” and the popular old hits.

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