Актриса Женя Малахова: "Я стала идеальной после методики Ручная Пластика"
Actress, singer, ex-soloist of group “REFLEX” Eugene Malakhov on the official channel of the Center Manual, Plastic, YouTube gave a detailed review in the form of interviews on the theme of his visit to the Centre under the leadership of Yuri A. Volynkina.

Актриса Женя Малахова: "Я стала идеальной после методики Ручная Пластика"

“This is not advertising and I have already told this story on his page in instagram. Most of all I trust my friends and not just advertising that I saw, I’m not one of those people, which can be cultivated, but a real tested reviews. On the project “ka Well together” TV channel Russia 1, we were a hundred experts with the singer Irina Ortman and Ira told me that Yuri Andreyevich’s not just Golden hands, and it is, indeed, a unique story, like no other. After the procedure I can say one thing, the result is recoilless. Forever! About pain treatments can say for myself that I’ve moved it and got rid of my “sick” zone. Feels great when you wear your favorite jeans and remains the fabric which used to fit snugly to the body is indescribable! The technique of authorship of Yury Andreevich – the right addition to a healthy mind.”

The interview was conducted by producer, journalist and winner of the reality show “the Bachelor” Olesya Ermakova. Full interview:

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