Актриса Яна Троянова рассказала о трагических потерях The star of “Oz” and have buried many loved ones. Yana Troyanova is often in a small country, in Yekaterinburg. The actress admits that sometimes she takes two days to ride on all the cemeteries.

      In the new television season the viewers of channel TNT will find a breathtaking series “Olga”, in which the main role takes the star tragicomedy “Oz” Yana Troyanova. In multiserial film, the actress plays a single mother, tortured life and family problems.

      I wonder what Yana has gained popularity in adulthood, and she is always careful approach to choosing her films. Maybe that is why each of her character – vibrant, memorable character. But it is possible that her own experience suggests how to play a particular complicated role.

      Troyanova admits that he had lost many loved ones. She went through one personal tragedy. In Yekaterinburg buried her favorite people.

      “Before I came, and said, “Hello, my Eburg!” – my heart was pounding. And now feel overwhelmed by sadness. I do a lot of people lost. Sometimes I need two days to tour all the cemeteries. Only recently I was in Yekaterinburg and we with the sister went to the grave of her mother. A cemetery near the village where I was born. Sister suggested to stop by. I was tired, but agreed: there’s my trees that I have been friends since childhood, even cuddle with them. And hug. Sister was taking pictures, I didn’t even notice. I arrived in Moscow, she told me these photos were sent. And I was so surprised that I my power sent! There are my pine, where my piece of land, which gives me incredible strength,” she says.

      It should be noted that Troyanov was not always so confident as now. Before fortune smiled on the actress, she took any job to feed his family. Ian even sold products in the market.

      “Self-confidence would leave. Suddenly there came moments of doubt and the desire to die. But every time I returned to my guiding stars. Since childhood, it was a powerful actress: Alla, Gurchenko, Ruslanova. When I could see their faces, and said, “don’t give up,” recalls the star.

      Troyanova always remains true to himself. Even with Directors she can compete if her vision of the role does not coincide with the opinion of colleagues. However, there are things in life that she regrets. And it’s not only the words spoken in an emotional rush. “People are gone, for which I can’t do anything. I know you can’t spare anything. But I’m weak. And there are things all of life with me now will. This “dead zone” in me, forever,” said Troyanova in an interview with “TV Program”.

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