Актриса «Ворониных» Анна Фроловцева поведала о личной жизни после потери мужа The artist was extremely hard to come to terms with the loss of a spouse, who died nine years ago. Anna Frolovtseva cannot present his side of the other person. According to the women, she is unable to put an end to the relationship with the deceased lover.
Актриса «Ворониных» Анна Фроловцева поведала о личной жизни после потери мужа

In 2008, the star of the TV series “Voronin” Anna Frolovtseva lost her husband Yuri Kuzmenko, who had been married for more than thirty years. Talking with reporters, 68-year-old actress has repeatedly admitted that she was devastated after the departure of a loved one. For some time, the actress plunged into a severe depression, out of which helped her loved ones – the son of Denis and charming granddaughters, Anna and Pauline.

A couple of years ago Anna V. noted that it is not able to present his side of the other person. The actress admitted that her pain is not going anywhere, so she can’t put an end to his relationship with Yuri Kuzmenko. A celebrity could not help comparing to all who met her on the way, with a deceased spouse. Frolovtseva recently told reporters that he was not going to marry again. On the question of whether Anna to arrange a personal life, she answered with a categorical refusal.

“No, of course! I had such a wonderful husband that to replace it is simply impossible! You see, I was “married”, I was standing behind him! He was shut down mentally, financially, physically. There are now no! My whole life is now dedicated to the grandchildren and work,” – shared the star of the TV series “Voronin” to reporters.
Актриса «Ворониных» Анна Фроловцева поведала о личной жизни после потери мужа

In recognition of Frolovtseva, after the death of the second half, it did not from home. Anna thought her life ended with the death of a spouse. Loved ones, seeing how hard the actress tried to do everything possible to she came to. Relatives of celebrities put a lot of effort trying to get it again begin to appear. As a result, their efforts were crowned with success, and Frolovtseva were able to return to the profession.

Anna says come up to the metaphor that gave her the strength to move on. “Here the river flows between two banks. And you live, say, on the right. (…) And suddenly you have the misfortune happens, and you realize that if the bridge will not creep on the left coast, then you’re screwed. And you take yourself in hand, through the pain, my knees were torn, but you crawl across the bridge”, – quotes the actress Sobesednik.ru.

Recall that the shooting of popular TV series “Voronin” continues, so the viewers will soon see a new series and meet with their favorite characters. By the way, in the summer of the new season was held in Sochi. The film-makers worked in the heart of the city, in the eyes of local residents and tourists.