Actress Stella Baranovskaya

Скончалась актриса Стелла Барановская

Only in December of this year, the actress Stella Baranovskaya visited the Studio of the program “live”, where he spoke about the procedures of diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. But soon the actress passed away. This was announced by attorney Kate Gordon removing video in instagram.

Скончалась актриса Стелла Барановская

In recent days, the actress struggled with a terrible disease for which she had regular treatments and medications. It took a bit of force, so the girl rarely came Lera Kudryavtseva, Anfisa Chekhova and Zara. Despite the support from the celebrity girlfriends, the disease progressed and took her life. Counsel Kate Gordon said in a video filmed for instagram, what was her relationship with the deceased in the last days and how she found out about the tragic news.

“The last days we were in touch, Stellin child even stayed at my house… Grandma Stella and her friend Olya at five in the morning, told me the sad news. Now we are organizing the funeral… In the last days she could not walk and felt pain,” – said the lawyer edition “StarHit”, which has contacted a lawyer to find out details.

Скончалась актриса Стелла Барановская

The deceased actress was not a little spiteful critics who bombarded her social networks. One of them was Madina Tatraiva, who also participated in the show with leading YouTube Koschevnikovi. Haters started rumors that the actress refused treatment, but Gordon denied the rumors. Indeed, Baranovskaya refused treatment, but only because she didn’t help.

“I want to debunk all the rumors that went behind Stella. Talked about the fact that she allegedly refused treatment. She refused treatment and was not one course of chemotherapy. All medical documents. Just at some moment Stella did not help. Not for us to condemn a man who was in serious condition and had resorted to different methods of treatment,” said Gordon.

Critics also attributed the huge sums at the expense of the actress, but in reality she was located. According to Gordon, the girl didn’t even have housing in Moscow. Before his death, Baranovskaya and Anfisa Chekhov went to a lawyer, that would establish paternity of her child and to make a will.

“We have created a claim and was going to file for paternity, but Stella was in serious condition. We did not have time to file a claim. I wrote pleas for help Stella to let her know that her child, who like two peas similar to Maxim, will not be abandoned, but they remained unanswered. Stella never was a quack and died in the wildest pain. And no exorbitant money collected allegedly in pseudoboleite, never was. And the car gave her friend Tom, with whom she was a friend since childhood”, – said Gordon.