Actress Sophia Ignatova suffered from actions of malefactors

Актриса Софья Игнатова пострадала от действий злоумышленников
Yesterday, the media reported the burglary of a popular actress Sofya Ignatova.

Актриса Софья Игнатова пострадала от действий злоумышленников

According to journalists, it happened on the streets of the capital.

Sophia stopped at a red light, and at that moment ran up to her, the robber smashed the car window and stole a bag.

The girl immediately called the police. Law enforcement officers trying to understand what had happened.

“The situation is, of course, outrageous. My car broke absolutely barbaric way, breaking a window. At this point, I was standing at the traffic light and was driving. In the next second, grabbed the bag and fled in an unknown direction. The attacker was a man of non-Slavic appearance. I called the police, investigators… In the bag were keys, documents, including passport and right to the car, personal belongings, money and cards. The money was in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. Just before took this amount and forgot to put it,” shared the star.

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