Actress Renee Zellweger has surprised appearance on The Today Show

Актриса Рене Зеллвегер удивила внешним видом на The Today Show

About the looks Renee Zellweger recently say more than about her work and new projects. Nevertheless, in September on the big screens will be presented the third part of the franchise, “Bridget Jones”, where we can discuss not only the actress, but also a sequel of the painting, which brought her once wide popularity.

Recently Zellweger has been the guest of the programme The Today Show, where in conversation with a leading spoke about the new film and the change in their appearance.

So, Renee said that she was far from what he should be told in media (in particular, regarding her looks) and she tries not to surf the Internet in search of new negative headlines about yourself. Zellweger said that she believes all gossip part of the work, the appearance of which it is simply unable to control: “what you see on the screen, not me and not even a part of my life. It’s part of my job. This is something I’m not, except for those moments when I’m out in the arena. In my house I am protected from all of this. I don’t have anything where I could get social media, so I just don’t see anything, ‘ said the star. I’d like to have something like that, but alas… a Sad experience.”

Rene also admitted that no one except the Director and several members of the crew team does not know what is not really will end the third film about Bridget Jones. Who would be the father of baby Bridget – hero Colin Firth or Patrick Dempsey? All the mysteries we find out very soon.

By the way, how sweet and charming Rene wasn’t in the interview, it was impossible not to pay attention to some changes in her appearance. It seems that all the previous talks that the actress has done a face-lift were false: hardly Zellweger face were touched by the surgeon’s knife. All the same slightly overhanging eyelids and squint his eyes – still the calling card of the actress.

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